Tuition Incentives & Discounts

We would love to help you lower some tuition cost.

May 1 Enrollment – be completely enrolled by May 1, 2016, and your tuition fee is $7,200 the 2015 flat rate cost plus be able to apply 2015 initial payment plans. Excluding any posted 2015/2016 discounts.

  • $1000.00   May 1 Enrollment – Be completely enrolled before May 1, and your tuition fee is $9,000.00
  • $800.00    June 1 Early Bird Enrollment Discount – Be completely enrolled before June 1
  • $500.00    August 1 Early Bird Enrollment Discount – Be completely enrolled before August 1
  • $200.00    Pre-Pay Total Tuition when you meet the early enrollment discount dates.
  • $500.00    Pre-Pay Total Tuition Discount – After August 1st and before September 1st when completely enrolled.

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Financial Aid

Only one discount is eligible for each enrollee.

Discounts cannot be applied to initial tuition payment or monthly payments before Level III at which time discounts are distributed back to the student in the form of a tuition credit. Complete enrollment and full initial payment, deposit and application fee are due finalized before the discount dates to be eligible. Early bird discount dates, May 1, June 1 and August 1. Pre pay and family discounts and all other discounts privately arranged are due by September 1. We will not accept e-mailed documents, phone calls and correspondence on the due dates to qualify enrollees for the discounts. After September 1, all discount eligibility is voided.

Family and Other Discounts

We also offer discounts for families, parent/children, or spouses when enrolled simultaneously. We often consider other situations. All family and needs-based discounts are determined on an individual basis. Contact the director, Hal Rudnianin, to discuss if you qualify for this discount or tuition reduction.