tuition plans for massage therapy

Tuition & Payment Plans

The entire Level I – III program tuition cost is $12,000.

We require an initial payment of $6,000.00 which is partially refundable up to 30 days after the first class date. A $400.00 refundable book and table deposit is required along with the student’s initial payment and is returned contingent upon student’s completion of Level 3 of the program. The deposit is non-refundable if the student drops early but they may keep the materials.

  • $6,000 initial tuition payment 
  • $400 book and table deposit 
  • $25 application fee
  • $6,425 due before attending class 

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Payment Plan Outline

Remaining balance is paid in 11 monthly payments including:

  • The first 7 monthly payments of $455.00 each
  • The last 4 monthly payments of $355.00 each ($400.00 deposit returned)

We cannot accept credit cards.

All tuition is required to be paid before graduation date posted on schedule.

Alternate Payment Plans

INT will accept a minimum initial tuition payment of $2,600 + $400 deposit and $25 app fee totaling $3,025.00 before class starts. The remaining $7,000.00 will be due in in 11 payments which 7 payments are $636.00 and 4 payments of $537.00. Enrollees are welcome to keep their monthly payments low and choose any payment plan of choice that exceeds the minimal $3,000 initial minimum payment requirement. For example, if you submit an initial tuition payment of $6,000 your monthly payments would be about $365.00 for 7 months and $261.00 for the last 4 payments.

Complete Enrollment Defined

Interview completed and ALL materials and documents, and minimum initial payment received at the school by the date required (not simply post marked). Please be sure to have everything turned in well before the due date. When you have been informed of your acceptance at INT, this is defined as “complete enrollment”. All application documents are required to be submitted and received by the school on or before the due date in hard copy (not electronic) to qualify for “complete enrollment”. There are no exceptions.