"I really didn't know what to expect when I applied for classes at the Institute of Natural Therapies. All I knew was that I had a strong interest in the field of massage, bodywork, and natural health. I wanted a career that was fulfilling, rewarding, and easily catering to my time schedule. All of my goals were met at INT. Thanks to the skills and knowledge I gained from INT, I am now the Phoenix, Arizona assistant for Dr. Dot International Massage and Chiropractic Team."
Rebekah Joy Horn
"Several years ago I had reached a point in my life where I needed a new adventure! I wanted to learn new skills and be challenged and inspired, but I also wanted to find a way to earn more income!! I was very blessed to have all of those desires come to fruition when I found The Institute of Natural Therapies and got to meet Hal Rudnianin. The Institute of Natural Therapies is a great school. One of my favorite things I was able to take away from my experience at I.N.T. was the ability to help my friends and family! Thanks to Hal, I have the skills to help alleviate pain and bring comfort and relaxation when people are going through tough times. "
Rebekah Joy Horn
Debra Moody
"I took Hal's Swedish Massage course back in 2002. I commuted 4 hrs alternating weekends from Detroit to St Ignace because It was a golden opportunity to learn a skill to serve others; alleviating stress and/or pain. Back then, we dabbled not only in Swedish Massage, but had our hands full with several other modalities to facilitate relief and healing including some things rarely offered by other schools like; Iridiologiy, auricle accupuncture/acupressure, Chinese fire glass cupping, as well as the standard mix of Refleology, Deep tissue, Trigger point, Cranial/sacral, Lymph drainage massage, and much more. INT provided all tools and skill levels in the introductory program that exceeds the normal scope of practice of most new and some seasoned professionals. His student/teacher ratio allows much one-on-one guidance, plus, his class schedules are doable. I lovingly refer to his massage school as the Marine School for Massage; intense but well worth it!
Debra Moody
Savanaha Stephen
"After graduating Hal's program helped me secure a job at a beautiful casino spa where I built up my clientele and eventually moved into a room rental in Escanaba. I am now doing about 20-30 massages a week here in Escanaba. My unique set of massage and bodywork skills that I acquired through this program really set me apart from the other therapists in the area. It also allows me to continually impress my clientele. I wouldn’t have the huge variety of skills that I have if I had picked any other program. I'm so grateful to this school and Hal for guiding me to become the successful therapist I am today!""
Savanaha Stephen
"Best school by far; 17 years later and I am still practicing as a massage therapist thanks to Hal's great instruction."
Rebecca Akers
Gayle Maslakow
"I think of you every day. My diploma from INT hangs in my office next to my master of nursing. I learned more about anatomy, spirituality, the human body, and power of touch, Eastern medicine beliefs, and culture than I have in any of my nursing classes. Thanks for opening my eyes, mind, and soul to be the best nurse practitioner I can be️. Keep on teaching Hal!"
Gayle Maslakow
John Verbas
"Being a male in a traditionally female-dominated profession has its challenges. The Institute of Natural Therapies prepared me to meet those challenges and excel in one of the fastest growing areas of health care today. I opened Black River Valley Therapeutic Massage in Bessemer in 2002 and never looked back. Now going to work each morning is something I want to do, not something I feel I have to do. I do 30-34 hours of hands-on therapy each week. I am booked 2-3 weeks in advance. This isn't by chance. INT equipped me with the knowledge and skills to succeed. Training is everything when it comes to success in massage therapy. My INT training gave me the foundation to build a rewarding career that has earned me a respected place in my community. Even after 17 years I am sill impressed with the advanced training I received at INT. "
John Verbas
"I've always had a strong interest in the care of others, through massage and general body care. After an INT graduate suggested the school, I knew it was exactly what I was searching for. Having just graduated from high school, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, the excitement I was met with during application time, set the tone for a wonderful education and experience. At INT, I was given a solid foundation of massage therapy/bodywork and the confidence to practice in a way that honors the needs of my clients. I am grateful for the many tools I’ve gained for personal and professional growth by attending INT! I have since opened my own business and continue to practice in this fulfilling area of wellness."
Jessica Jukuri
"After more than twenty years as an elementary school teacher, it was time for a career change. My love of yoga and healing led me to massage therapy. At the Institute of Natural Therapies I gained a solid foundation in massage therapy and confidence in my ability to be present for my clients. INT prepared me to easily pass the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Body Work. I now specialize in Pre-and Perinatal Massage. I am a birth doula and the founder of the Peaceful Birth Project. Working with pregnant women gives me joy and satisfaction as I know that I make a difference in the lives of the babies. I believe that pregnancy massage is the best preparation for birthing baby. "
Clark Roberts
"Thanks to INT, I have established a professional clientele from (literally) around the world in the past thirteen years. Participating in INT professional Training helped my business increase six fold and allowed my income to soar. INT provided an eclectic blend of techniques all under the umbrella of massage taught by the best instructor the country has to offer."
Clark Roberts
"23 years later and I am still loving my work! The variety of techniques and unique class structure prepared me for a career in body work that I truly enjoy. INT classes are like none other and my clients reap the benefits of that specialized body work. My favorite modality that I still use to this day is Chinese Cupping, and my clients love it! Having a career in massage therapy is one of the most rewarding careers. And the fact that as a therapist, you have knowledge that can help people with their ailments in a natural way, versus medications. Massage is a life changing experience that will always challenge you to grow."
Brenda Eagle-Ransom
Cassie C.
"I started my journey at INT fresh out of high school, after my mom had recommended it being a graduate and making a healthy living for 6 years. I wasn’t sure right away if I wanted a career in massage therapy. I started our class open minded and ended up falling in love with massage therapy within the first few classes! My class was like a big family!! If I could go back and do it again and a million times! Now at 24, I’ve been a licensed MT for the past 6 years, and have been my own boss for the past 3 years! It’s been a lot of hard work and patience to get to that point, but I couldn’t imagine working a boring normal job. Massage is so rewarding when you’re able to help someone. "
Cassie Charbonneau
"Since I graduated from INT in 2005, I've been able to enjoy working full time out of a chiropractic office in Cheboygan where I've had the privilege of seeing my childhood dream of being a massage therapist turn into a lucrative career. "
"I opened Radiant Life in Sault Ste. Marie, MI just after I graduated from INT in 2014 at the age of 37. With word of mouth it did not take long to be well established, and now in 2019 I am booking a solid 6 weeks to 2 months out. Many of my regular clients will schedule months in advance. I have always had a true passion for healing, INT equipped me with the knowledge and the skills to succeed. I was a single mom working small jobs and struggling financially, and now I am a successful business owner of a thriving healing practice. "
Rachel K Reinke